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Teaching Kids To Manage Money

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Who should be teaching your kids to manage money?

Times have certainly changed since we were kids and today its hard to know just how to manage all aspects of money. Teaching kids how to save, spend wisely, and invest is no task for the faint-hearted. Most parents would do the job if they only knew where to start.

Enriched Academy has the support and endorsement of Jim Treliving and Bruce Croxon of Dragons Den. They have created a way to teach kids about money management that engages them so they want to know more.

managing money


We are linking to the article in the Globe and Mail so that you have access to more valuable information that you can share with your kids.

But don’t take our word for it. See what parents are saying about the Enriched Academy.

Leave us a comment to let us know what you thought of this idea. We love to hear from you!



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