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Rent-to-own for beginners (6/7)

How are rent-to-own payments structured?


If you are looking to buy a home on rent-to-own and want to find out more information on how payments are structured, contact the team today. To get pre-approved today, apply now through our secure online website or speak to one of our agents at (866) 452-1100.

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Woman, Money, Wealth and Life!

Setting Goals To Reach Your Highest Potential.

Kim Parlee Vice President of TD Wealth and host of moneytalk@bnn interviews woman that empower other woman in business.

Kim Parlee Host of Moneytalk@bnn

Kim Parlee Host of Moneytalk@bnn

Imagine 4 woman, a lawyer, a teacher, a financial planner and a graphics manager creating a company that sells their product worldwide in 97 countries as Mabel’s Labels. They went from a basement operation to a warehouse and 40 full time employees. And even more amazing after 10 years in an on-line business they went retail through Walmart Canada and Target in the US.

Women are building wealth of their own faster than at any time in history. Find out how Julie Cole and her partners filled a simple need to create a multi-million dollar business with labels.

Victoria Turner, first of Kim’s guests is a personal coach.   She has devised ways to help you reach your personal wealth goals faster!  In her interview Victoria has offered access to her Free Goal Setting Tool, so we are sharing it here with you now.

This is a three part series so grab a coffee and watch what might be a life changing video.