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Teaching Kids To Manage Money

Who should be teaching your kids to manage money?

Times have certainly changed since we were kids and today its hard to know just how to manage all aspects of money. Teaching kids how to save, spend wisely, and invest is no task for the faint-hearted. Most parents would do the job if they only knew where to start.

Enriched Academy has the support and endorsement of Jim Treliving and Bruce Croxon of Dragons Den. They have created a way to teach kids about money management that engages them so they want to know more.

managing money


We are linking to the article in the Globe and Mail so that you have access to more valuable information that you can share with your kids.

But don’t take our word for it. See what parents are saying about the Enriched Academy.

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Welcome Rosemary and Dennis!

David Hetti and Elfie Hayes of Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa

welcome Rosemary Madden and Dennis Street to the MI Team!

Elfie and David Welcome Rosemary and Dennis

Elfie Hayes, Dennis Street,  Rosemary Madden  David Hetti

Recently Rosemary Madden and Dennis Street joined the MI Team. The Grand opening was held at Rosemary’s office at 375 Simcoe Street South
Oshawa, ON.

It was standing room only as the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce,  the Mortgage Intelligence Team, local

Dignitaries and our Lender Partners  helped welcome Dennis and Rosemary to the largest Mortgage Intelligence team in Durham Region.  Both Rosemary and Dennis are seasoned agents and had e long careers at The Mortgage Centre.  Rosemary was the original Broker of the Mortgage Centre in Pickering.

When their firm was old this past summer it was time to look to a progressive future with MI.  Both Rosemary and Dennis bring great value to the MI team as Mortgage Intelligence bring products and support to them.  The end result is that everyone benefits from the addition to the team.

Rosemary is a veteran of the Mortgage Industry and Dennis has used his years of experience to serve the commercial realm.

Your MI Team  Welcomes you both to Mortgage Intelligence!