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Low Rate Line of Credit!

Unbeatable Rates for Lines of Credit!

As a business professional, you know the value of having a Line of Credit to record your expenses and help keep personal charges separate from business expenses. We’ve got the answer!

Home Trust Equity Line Visa

Our Equity Line Visa offers you a Line of Credit, secured to your property so you can set a limit higher than credit cards offer.

Rates are as low as 4.99% OAC

Need better cash-flow for your business? Use the form below to discuss an Equity Line Visa.

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Here We Grow Again!

Congratulations to Rosemary Madden and Dennis Street on their Grand Opening!

Their Mortgage Intelligence office is located on Simcoe St in Oshawa.

On November 21st David Hetti and Elfie Hayes welcomed Rosemary Madden and Dennis Street, formerly of The Mortgage Center to the the largest Mortgage Intelligence office in Durham Region! Rosemary and Dennis come to the team with years of experience and knowledge. They are a most valuable asset to the team of 11 full time mortgage agents. The Oshawa Chamber of Commerce were on hand with a welcome plaque for Dennis and Rosemary. Lisa Valade, Regional Manager for Durham represented Mortgage Intelligence at the celebration.


The Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting at MI.

Congratulations Dennis and Rosemary

Congratulations Dennis and Rosemary

Lender Partners supporting Mortgage Intelligence

Lender Partners supporting Mortgage Intelligence

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Banks Restrict Borrowing Options.

One Less Way To Finance Investment Property.

In the past Investors who had good assets through registered investments had the option of lending themselves money through Self Directed RRSPs.  That meant that as long as they had enough money they could lend without explanation. It gave them the opportunity to buy investment properties that the Banks may not have considered but that they knew were profitable and added value to their portfolio.

But now that option, that personal choice, is no longer available through a Bank. At this time only three companies in Canada will allow it. They are Home Trust, Community Trust and Great Western.

The idea that a Bank will not allow mortgages through Self Directed RRSPs may cause investors to think there is greater risk than there may actually be.

No more Self Directed RRSPs

From a mortgage broker standpoint it also means we have one less option to offer our Investor clients. Keep in mind that in the past those who used this method were generally season investors in the first place, not the beginner.

We must ask the question, “Are Banks trying to eliminate the competition that the use of private funds creates or is there great risk in borrowing your own money?”

What do you think about this? Your comments are welcomed.