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Tiny homes, a big ambition?

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Tiny homes also referred to as micro homes or cabins on wheels are becoming a growing movement all over the world… In Canada, tiny homes have fast caught on to ease the housing crisis faced in British Columbia. 

Image by courtesy of Huffington Post

Image by courtesy of Huffington Post

These tiny homes are around 200 to 600 sq. ft. and equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping areas that can accommodate from one to four persons. Tiny homes are cheaper to build and do not require building permits. These homes can be powered through electricity or solar panels and result in lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.

The down payment for a home is essentially the cost of a tiny home, and appeals to people who like the idea of being “mortgage free,” and for many who cannot afford to buy a home at this time, this is an affordable option to get in to the housing market. For now, there are no legal restrictions on towing these homes and where you park, and also not subject to property taxes.

An article published by the Huffington Post features videos of experiences of tiny homeowners.

It is simple living for anyone who is able to adapt.


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