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Renewing Your Mortgage – A Valuable Opportunity

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Think of your mortgage renewal as a valuable opportunity.  A chance not only to take advantage of today’s great rates, but also get a mortgage product that better fits your current needs.

When you receive a renewal form from your current lender, don’t simply sign it without knowing all your options.  If you do so, you could be paying a higher rate, and end up with a mortgage that might not be best suited to your needs.

Instead, talk to us – we will discuss your interest rate options, and can arrange a rate hold for you.

We will also help you with a customized mortgage strategy.  By the time your mortgage comes up for renewal, you are most likely in a different financial position than when you first obtained the loan.  As our financial and life circumstances change, so does the mortgage product that is best for our needs and goals.  For example, you may wish to access your home’s equity to consolidate other debts, or perhaps help pay for post-secondary education.

At renewal time, make sure you get the most from your financing.  We can speak to any concerns you may have about interest rate trends and advise you on what to do as your mortgage renewal approaches.

Low rates, focused experience and knowledge, plus a helping attitude is what “Your MiMortgage Team” is all about.  Why settle for less? Apply now & save at Renewal!



David Hetti is a full time Mortgage Broker with Mortgage Intelligence (FSCO Lic MO8002434) David is the Director of Operations at Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa and heads a team of full time licensed Mortgage Agents serving all of Ontario. David is also a licensed Insurance Consultant.

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